Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Does Your Chimney Or Fireplace Need Repair? Trust The Work To The Knowledgeable & Highly Trained Professionals At Trinity Chimney Service

When something’s not quite right with your fireplace or chimney, it’s hard to enjoy nights by the fireside. You may find it difficult to get a fire started and keep it going, and smoke may pour into your home once you finally do. But even if you’re not experiencing visible performance problems, you could be in an unsafe situation. Some fireplace and chimney damage is more dangerous than others, but all damage will worsen in time if it’s not addressed. Plus, a damaged fireplace and chimney will bring down your home’s value and take away from the beauty and enjoyment of your living space.

Isn’t it time to take care of those repairs so you can use your fireplace again without worry and frustration? Let us help.

If any deficiencies are found while inspecting your chimney and fireplace, we can repair and restore them to code and to your liking. Most chimney work is kept in-house, and we use only top-of-the-line products. We serve our neighbors throughout Columbia and the neighboring areas and specialize in the following chimney and fireplace repairs:

  • Smoke Chamber Restoration — Is a roughed up, deteriorating, dirty smoke chamber making your fireplace system unsafe and unpleasant? Let Trinity Chimney Service help. We restore smoke chambers with Chamber-Tech 2000, which is a highly insulating product that can smooth over rough surfaces, fill holes and gaps, and even reshape the smoke chamber for a safer, more efficient system. Forget about smoke backup and heat transfer — have your smoke chamber restored by our team today. Click here for more information.
  • Firebox Reconstruction — Dingy, dangerous firebox? Not with the help of Trinity Chimney Service. Our team specializes in firebox repair and reconstruction, and whether you need your factory-built fireplace’s refractory panels replaced or your masonry firebox rebuilt with fresh refractory mortar and firebrick, we can help. Find out more right here.
  • Fireplace Face Restorations — Is your fireplace the majestic, beautiful, life-enhancing home addition it should be, or is it something you wish you could hide when company comes over? If you answered the latter, it’s time to refresh your hearth and fall in love again with a fireplace face restoration from Trinity Chimney Service. No matter what style you’re after or what your fireplace facing needs, we can help. Learn more here.
  • Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System — Drafty, inefficient, unsafe fireplace and chimney? A rebuild isn’t the only option. With the Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System, we’re able to bring many older, open-face fireplace systems up to current safety codes and effectively boost safety and performance. Learn more about this all-in-one system and the types of common fireplace problems it eliminates right here.
  • Fireplace Swap Outs — Is your outdated factory-built fireplace reaching the end of its service life? Or maybe you’re tired of its poor performance or outdated looks? Whatever your reasoning, a fireplace swap out can be a great solution — and with Trinity Chimney Service, you can be confident installation will be done professionally and properly. Learn more here.
  • Chimney Construction & Full/Partial Rebuilds — Has weather or age devastated your chimney? The time to make repairs is now. Here at Trinity Chimney Service, we specialize in partial and full chimney rebuilds, and we can make sure your chimney is fully restored so that your enjoyment and safety and your home’s value aren’t compromised. Find out more about our chimney rebuilding services here.
  • Masonry Repairs & Tuckpointing — Minor masonry damage — even small cracks and holes — can lead to big problems down the line, which is why even minor damage should be addressed ASAP. We can help. We specialize in repointing/pointing and tuckpointing and can restore your masonry and prevent further (and future) deterioration. Learn more about our masonry repair work right here.

For All Your Repairs, You Can Count On Our Highly Trained Team

Our team is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified and highly trained, and has years of experience restoring and maintaining chimney systems. Don’t go another season without having your fireplace or chimney repaired — we can fix everything fast so you can enjoy all the warmth and comfort your hearth can and should provide when temperatures drop here in Maryland.

Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment to have your system inspected today and we’ll provide you with a full report of our findings and recommendations for repairs — as well as estimates for the work recommended. Call 443-602-4306 or fill out our online appointment request form today.

Relining a chimney is just one of our many chimney and fireplace services. Ask us for more information today.