Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System — The Solution To Your Smoky, Inefficient, Unsafe Masonry Fireplace

Have you been told your fireplace and chimney aren’t up to current safety codes? Are you tired of constantly stoking and feeding the fire but getting little heat from your open masonry fireplace? You’re not alone and there is a solution!

Many older fireplaces and chimney systems were built improperly, without real safety in mind. Likewise, many open-faced fireplaces are big losers when it comes to heat and efficiency. While you may be thinking the worst — that the only solution is a full tear down and rebuild — that’s not the case, thanks to Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System.

This restoration system takes the entire fireplace and chimney into account and provides an answer to things like smoky fireplaces, poor draft, improper clearance to combustibles, and low heat production/poor performance. And the best thing is, it doesn’t require a full tear down or rebuild and you won’t lose the open hearth look you love so very much.

How Does The Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System Work?

This highly insulating top-to-bottom system is installed into your existing chimney and fireplace. Every area of the system is designed to work together for maximum efficiency and safety, and as a whole, this system has met and exceeded U.L. requirements. What’s there to love?

  • It’s available in eight sizes, so it can be used to restore fireplaces and chimneys of all sizes.
  • As long as your fireplace has at least 4” of solid masonry in floors and walls, this system can bring your system up to current safety codes.
  • This all-in-one restoration system can increase the safety and performance of your fireplace system without the demo and construction cost, labor, and mess of a full tear down and rebuild.

How Do You Know If Ahren-Fire Is A Good Option For Your Fireplace?

The Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace Restoration System is a great solution for homeowners with these issues:

  • smoky fireplaces
  • fireplaces that, when in use, seem to bring the temperature down in the home, rather than up
  • fireplaces and chimneys that aren’t properly insulated or don’t have sufficient clearance to combustibles
  • fireplace systems that transfer heat and make the surrounding walls hot to the touch when a fire is going
  • fireplaces that are so poorly performing that it’s nearly impossible to build a big fire and keep that fire blazing

If you’re ready to upgrade your hearth and boost its safety and performance, without the cost and labor of a full rebuild, give Trinity Chimney Service a call at 443-602-4306. Our team has installed countless Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace Systems and we’re confident we can restore your fireplace so you can finally get the heat, comfort, and peace of mind you deserve. If Ahren-Fire isn’t the best option for you, we’ll let you know what is so you can get the best return on your investment. Call us or fill out our online appointment request form today to schedule an appointment with a dependable, honest, and thorough chimney professional from Trinity Chimney Service — we’re here to help.


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