Chase Cover Replacement

A Rusted Out Chase Cover May Be Causing Your Chimney Leak!

Chase covers are most commonly found on factory-built chimneys, while masonry chimneys typically have concrete coverings (known as crowns) at the top. These metal coverings are designed to fit over the chase surround and to provide protection to the chimney itself and to the wood or vinyl sided chase. By covering this vulnerable area, the chase cover keeps rainwater, snow, sleet, ice, animals, birds, and debris from entering the chimney and causing destruction.

Why Do Chase Covers Leak?

Most builders install a chase cover when the chase is installed, but the problem is typically material choice. Many builders just use light scrap metal that they already have on the job, and this metal simply isn’t right for the job. Why?

Because of the chase cover’s horizontal layout and the weather that it will face, day in and day out, the chase cover needs to be made of a strong, rust-resistant metal. Otherwise, as snow, ice, or rainwater piles up or pools on top of the chase cover, it will cause the chase cover to sag and possibly cave in. This moisture can also cause the chase cover to rust and corrode, eventually leading to holes and openings where moisture can easily enter.

Chase Cover Leaks — The Signs & The Effects

What happens when your chase cover leaks? Commonly, we find that a failing or rusted out chase cover causes these problems:

  • damage to the wood or vinyl chase (like rot)
  • rust and deterioration throughout the factory-built chimney and fireplace
  • water staining and damage to nearby walls and ceilings

These are signs you can keep an eye out for, but one other obvious sign is rust and discoloration on the exterior of your chimney. Look for staining and rust streaks on the chase cover itself, as well as down the sides of the chimney chase.

dirty chase cover on chimney
new chase cover on chimney

Stainless Steel & Copper Chase Covers Are Built To Last

If you have doubts about the strength and condition of your chase cover, give the team here at Trinity Chimney Service a call. We have years of professional training and experience and we can quickly install a new rust-resistant, sag-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel or copper chase cover on your factory-built chimney. Both stainless steel and copper are known for being strong, long-lasting, rust-resistant metals that provide years and years of protection against moisture damage and chimney leaks. We guarantee a job well done and back our chase covers with a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Let’s Get Started

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