Flashing Replacement

Leaky Flashing — The Chimney Leak That Looks Like A Roof Leak

One of the most common reasons chimneys leak is that the flashing (sheet metal) that’s put into place along the chimney base and woven into the shingles surrounding the chimney is either damaged, misaligned, dented, lifted, or installed wrong.

Damage, denting, and lifting can occur as a result of moisture erosion, animal tampering, strong winds and storms, falling branches and debris, and hail, but since most homeowners don’t hang out on their roofs, this type of damage is rarely noticed early on.

Most of the time, when flashing fails, homeowners suspect a roof leak and call a roofer. That’s because the placement of the flashing and the way water damage reveals itself can make this chimney leak look a lot like a roof leak.

Have you noticed these conditions:

  • moisture, staining, wood rot, and water damage in your attic?
  • moisture, staining, and water damage on walls and ceilings that border the chimney?

Don’t call a roofer. Call the CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Trinity Chimney Service. We’ll come out to inspect your chimney, assess the damage, and determine if damaged or badly installed flashing is the reason for your water woes. And if it is, we’ll get right to work repairing or replacing it.

We use a product known as FlashSeal to waterproof existing flashing and seal any spots that could become problems down the line. This product can be used where gaps exist between the flashing and the chimney or roof and where small openings have formed. And because it is available in brown, black, and white, you’ll be left with a clean, low-profile finish.

When installation is the problem or in situations where the flashing is so extensively damaged that it’s really no good, we’ll replace it. Our team has decades of flashing installation experience and will work to make sure every lasts piece of flashing is properly installed, smooth, and gap- and dent-free.

We use very few nail holes, which helps prevent corrosion and water pooling, and our flashing is made of stainless steel or copper — both rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting materials.

Whether your flashing needs to be repaired or replaced, you can count on us to do the job right so you can put leaky flashing worries to rest.

Let’s Get Started

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