Stainless Steel

Get A Lifetime Of Service Out Of Your Chimney Liner.

When an inspection reveals that you need to have your chimney relined, you may be tempted to opt for the least expensive option. That’s only natural! Most people don’t really plan and budget for a new chimney liner, and the information usually comes as a surprise. But trust us when we say: cheaper is not better.

With over 30 years in various fields of the fire industry, there’s nothing we care about more than fire prevention. We want to make sure our customers in Columbia and all throughout Central Maryland stay safe and sound when at home, and we believe that a quality chimney liner goes a long way in ensuring that. That’s why we only reline with stainless steel liners from Olympia.

These Forever Flex liners are available in 316Ti alloy and 304L stainless steel.

  • 316Ti alloy is “the highest-quality metal available today for liner manufacturing,” and is truly the best of the best. These liners are air-tight, water-tight, UL 1777 tested and listed, and truly made to last forever — hence, the “forever warranty” they carry!
  • 304L stainless steel is stronger and more durable than the popular 304 stainless, and is UL tested and listed as well. Like the 316Ti alloy option, these liners are made to last a lifetime, which is why they’re also covered by a “forever warranty.”

The Benefits Of Our Stainless Steel Liners

  • Olympia flex and rigid stainless steel liners come in many sizes, which allows us to reline chimneys of all sizes and shapes. Even those truly unique chimneys out there!
  • They’re insulated for extra protection against heat transfer and a more efficient, better performing system. In fact, with an insulated stainless steel liner, fires will burn hotter, fuel will be burned more effectively, and the flue will stay warmer — which means you’ll enjoy more heat with less fuel and less creosote.
  • These liners won’t crack or break when the temperatures in the flue cause them to expand and contract.
  • They’re rust- and corrosion-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them down the line.
  • They’re approved for use with all fuels, including gas, wood, pellet, and oil.
  • With stainless steel, you get a lifetime warranty (as long as you keep up with annual inspections and regular maintenance, as needed) and you can be confident your flue liner will be strong enough to take the abuse of your wood-, gas-, pellet-, or oil- burning appliance.

Let’s Get Started

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