Swap Out Your Old Fireplace For Something That Will Enhance Your Living Space & Heat Your Home Efficiently

Aging factory-built or prefab fireplaces can make for an unattractive hearth and living space, but they can also be unsafe and wasteful. If you have an older fireplace, you may be weighing your options and trying to decide what to do before the next burn season. You may also be wondering what types of improvements have been made in terms of efficiency, safety, convenience, and aesthetics. The answer is that a lot has changed for the better! Is it time for you to consider an upgrade with a fireplace swap out?

When Is A Fireplace Swap Out A Good Idea?

  • When repairs aren’t an option — Many homes built in the 1970s and 1980s feature factory-built fireplaces, and for many of these fireplaces, when they break, repair is no longer an option. Manufacturers go out of business or stop production on parts for older models, which can leave you, the homeowner in a bind. But you can make the most out of the situation by calling Trinity Chimney Service.
  • When your fireplace is improperly installed or altered — Every portion of a prefab chimney and fireplace is designed, tested, and listed to work together. If the fireplace and chimney are improperly installed or if anything changes and something that’s not approved for the factory-built system is installed, the safety of your home will be greatly compromised. If you’ve made changes that you aren’t sure about or you’re unsure of the original installation, call us. The team of CSIA-certified sweeps here at Trinity Chimney can provide you with a system that is properly installed and approved for safe use together.
  • When you want a more efficient fireplace — Older fireplaces just don’t have the high efficiency ratings of modern fireplaces and many are highly polluting. Go green by swapping out your old fireplace for a new, EPA-certified fireplace that’s efficient and clean burning. You’ll get more heat from your hearth, without the waste or environmental guilt.
  • When you’re ready for an updated look — Is the age of your worn down fireplace obvious to everyone who enters your home? Today’s fireplaces come in an array of styles and designs, so if you’re ready to bring your living space into this decade or add a classic, traditional vibe, a simple fireplace swap out could be the finishing touch you need.

We can swap out your fireplace for a new prefab fireplace that’s sure to not only greatly enhance the visual appeal of your hearth and living space, but to also provide greater warmth, convenience, and efficiency than your old fireplace.

Why Call Trinity Chimney Service? We Provide Reliable, Attractive Hearth Appliances & Dependable, Professional Installation

Here at Trinity Chimney Service, we sell and install the very best gas and wood-burning factory-built fireplaces from industry leading brands like Regency. We’re proud to offer unique products and appliances that our surrounding competitors just don’t have — you’ll love what we have in store for you. We also specialize in installation and facade/fireplace facing installation. So no matter what look you’re going for, we can make sure the finished results look exactly as you hoped.

Ready to schedule an appointment to discuss your fireplace swap out with a CSIA-certified and knowledgeable chimney and fireplace expert? Call Trinity Chimney Service at 443-602-4306 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re happy to help!

Ready for a change? If you’ve been considering switching to a gas-burning fireplace, there’s no better time than when you’re swapping fireplaces.


If your chimney repair is looking like it could mean chimney construction and a full or partial rebuild, don’t panic. Just call our experienced techs for the best plan for you.