Chimney Caps

We Install The Very Best Stainless Steel & Copper Chimney Caps For Leak Protection.

When it comes to your chimney, the best thing you can do is make sure everything is in its right place, and that includes the chimney cap. A chimney cap is a metal top that’s attached to the chimney flue or the crown to provide a covering that does the following:

  • prevents wind and downdrafts from entering the home through the chimney
  • keeps rainwater, snow, sleet, ice, and hail out of the flue
  • prevents birds and small animals from nesting inside the chimney
  • keeps leaves, twigs, and debris from blowing into the chimney

Why You Need A Chimney Cap

All chimneys, masonry and factory-built, need a chimney cap at the very top of the flue.

By keeping things out of your chimney flue, your chimney cap can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and keep leaks and big repairs at bay. Chimney repairs can be costly —especially where water is involved — and the more you do to prevent water damage, chimney leaks, and unwanted chimney tenants, the better. But if your chimney cap blows off during a strong storm or is poorly installed or missing altogether, your flue has no protection.

That’s when the following can occur:

  • leaks spring up
  • leaves, twigs, and other debris get into the flue, form blockages, and prevent smoke from flowing up and out of the chimney
  • animals and birds nest inside the flue
  • water rusts, cracks, and ruins components like the chimney flue, the damper, and the firebox

Chimney caps can also fail to protect the chimney and keep water out when they’re rusted through. Weaker metals, like aluminum, tend to corrode with age, so look for rust staining on your cap and on the crown and chase. If you see any, it’s most likely time to replace your chimney cap.

With A Stainless Steel Or Copper Chimney Cap From Trinity Chimney, You Get A Lifetime Of Coverage & Protection

Here at Trinity Chimney Service, we aim to make it easy for our neighbors in Columbia and throughout Central Maryland to keep their chimneys protected and standing tall. That’s why we proudly sell and install the very best single and multi flue chimney caps.

We offer:

  • stainless steel caps
  • copper caps
  • single-flue caps
  • multi-flue caps

Our caps feature rain covers to keep moisture out of the flue, and spark arrestors, which work to prevent stray sparks from landing on roofing or landscaping and starting a fire.

Each cap we sell and install carries a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so should something ever happen to your chimney cap, all you have to do is give us a call. We’ll take care of it.

Let’s Get Started

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Waterproofing your chimney is one of the most effective ways to cut down on costly chimney leaks. Ask our experts for more information today.