Crown Repair & Replacement

A Leaky Chimney Crown May Be Causing Your Chimney Leak!

Whenever it rains, snows, or sleets, your chimney crown takes a beating. Moisture (especially in excessive amounts) can have devastating effects on the chimney itself because of its erosive nature. Age and settling can also cause the chimney crown to crack, flake, and crumble — and unfortunately, once one little crack or hole is made, water will continuously wear away at it, making it bigger and bigger.

There are other problems that can cause crowns to leak as well — most commonly, improper construction. There are a few basic rules for building a long-lasting chimney crown:

  1. Chimney crowns should be built with a drip edge, which is an edge that extends beyond the chimney stack or chase by at least 2 inches.
  2. Chimney crowns should be built at least 3 inches thick at their thinnest point.
  3. Chimney crowns should be slightly sloped on all sides to encourage rain, snow, sleet, and ice to slip off instead of settling on top.
  4. Chimney crowns should be made of a strong, erosion-resistant cement, not a standard mortar.

Unfortunately, these basic rules aren’t always heeded during crown construction.

That’s why the crown is one of the first areas we inspect when we’re called out to locate a leak and repair a leaky chimney. If an inspection and leak investigation does reveal that the crown has damaged areas or that it wasn’t built properly at the start, the good news is: Trinity Chimney Service can help.

We specialize in these services:

For cracked crown repairs: we fill gaps, holes, and cracks in the crown using an elastomeric coating known as CrownSeal. CrownSeal provides 10 years of protection against leaks and prevents cracks and other damage from growing larger or worsening with time. It’s an environmentally friendly product, and the best part is that it looks just like concrete/mortar, so your crown won’t look patched up or sloppy when we’re done.

For crown replacements: we remove the old damaged crown and rebuild a perfectly fitted, expertly designed crown in its place. Our crowns are built to proper specs to provide years of protection, and we stand behind our work.

For crown waterproofing: we add leak prevention and offer crown waterproofing using a product called CrownCoat. CrownCoat seals the entire crown with a waterproof membrane for 15 years of guaranteed protection against leaks and water-related damage. It can even be custom colored to meet your needs.

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