Historic Restoration

Specializing In Restoring Chimneys & Fireplaces In Maryland Historical Homes

Being a chimney company right in the middle of the Greater Baltimore region, we understand the importance of restoring historic fireplaces and chimneys. We pride ourselves on replicating the historic look to the chimneys and fireplaces we restore, while using a product that mimics and doesn’t hurt the old brick and mortar from the original construction of the home.

We match mortar and ensure that on the older homes, we use the proper lime-based mortar/type.

Trinity Chimney specializes in Historic:

  • Exterior Masonry.
  • Firebox Restorations.
  • Fireplace Lining.

Our team of certified chimney inspectors shows the proper course of action and can find major safety defects such as:

  • No lining system in the chimney.
  • Wood clearance issues.
  • Missing or failing mortar.
  • Failing chimney foundations.

Allow our team to restore your chimney today.

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