Fireplace Services

Fireplace Services You Can Rely On

Trust Trinity Chimney Services to provide the Fireplace Services that fit your needs. Whether it’s a full fireplace restoration, firebox reconstruction, swapping an older system out for a new fireplace, or solving ongoing problems with the Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System, let the experts Trinity Chimney System show you the right solution for your issues.

Learn more about us and what sets Trinity Chimney Service apart from the competition, then give us a call for great chimney services throughout the year.

Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System takes the entire fireplace and chimney into account and provides an answer to things like smoky fireplaces, poor draft, improper clearance to combustibles, and low heat production/poor performance.

If looks are the reason your fireplace is not your favorite part of your favorite room, maybe it’s time to get a Fireplace Makeover. A fireplace refacing with stone is an affordable and relatively quick to update or restore it to its original beauty.

While a damaged firebox can make the entire fireplace look worn down and unattractive, the real danger is that these cracks and openings can be used to transfer dangerous heat, hot ash, burning embers, and toxic gases produced by the fire to walls and framing.

We can swap out your fireplace for a new factory-built fireplace that’s sure to not only greatly enhance the visual appeal of your hearth and living space, but to also provide greater warmth, convenience, and efficiency than your old fireplace.