Chimney Leaks

We Make Chimney Leaks Stop!

A leaky chimney can be more than just an inconvenience — it can be a real nightmare. Moisture acts fast, even if you don’t, and can be devastating to even strong materials, like brick and mortar. And what makes chimney leaks even more frustrating for homeowners is that it’s oftentimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the leak. 

Trinity Chimney Service has decades of industry experience and have helped resolve countless chimney leak concerns for our neighbors in Columbia and all throughout Central Maryland. From easy fixes, like a chimney cap installation, to more involved repairs like a crown rebuild, our team is certified and trained to do it all. We use our years of knowledge and training to quickly and thoroughly run through every possible water entry point until we find out exactly where the leak is located. And once we find it, we fix it.

Factory built chimneys with chase surrounds need to be topped off with a strong and durable chase cover, which is a metal covering that closes off the chimney stack. While most builders include this important component, the best materials aren’t always used, which is why leaks commonly start at this point of the system.

Chimney crowns are essentially concrete coverings for masonry chimneys. They seal the chimney top, much like a chase cover does on a factory-built chimney, and prevent leaks, nesting birds and animals, and debris from getting inside and laying waste to the chimney. But like any other portion of your chimney, the crown can deteriorate with time, age, and weather, and repairs or replacement are necessary for keeping the chimney clean and leak-free.

Flashing is sheet metal that’s layered on the roof and chimney where they meet, and its job is to keep rain, snow, sleet, and ice from leaking into this vulnerable area and causing destruction. But like all things, flashing can be damaged and flashing can be installed wrong. Unfortunately, we see both quite often!

Rusted or missing chimney cap? That’s a problem! The chimney cap is one of the key pieces of defense your masonry or factory-built chimney has against things like rain, snow, sleet, hail, ice, birds, animals, and debris. Without it, a leak is just one of the issues you’ll face.

If your brick chimney is flaking, cracking, discolored, and water-logged, it’s not only going to cause you problems with regards to leaks — it will also be unsafe for use and will really bring down the appearance and curb appeal of your home. The good news is there is an affordable and 99.9% effective way to prevent water damage and keep your masonry chimney leak free.