Save Money & Protect Your Chimney With One Simple Product: A Lock-Top Damper

Who wants to spend more money on their utilities than they have to? Not us, and probably not you either! Well, with a traditional fireplace damper, you could be doing just that. Traditional dampers are located just above the smoke chamber of the fireplace and are essentially metal doors that open up the flue to allow smoke from the fire to leave the chimney. The problem with these dampers is material and location.

  • Material — Throat dampers are made of all metal components, which means that, even when closed, they don’t provide an airtight seal. That means that the hot air your HVAC system is pumping out in the winter could be going right up your chimney. Likewise, the cold winter air could be coming into your home through your fireplace opening.
  • Location — Because throat dampers are located just above the actual fire itself, the corrosive byproducts of combustion come into direct contact with them. This can lead to rust, corrosion, creosote buildup, and damper failure. You may even find that your damper gets stuck in place and no longer easily opens and closes.

Doesn’t sound ideal, does it? It’s not! But Lock-Top dampers are the solution. These dampers are installed up at the top of the flue, not down in the heart or throat of the fireplace system. And unlike traditional dampers, they’re not constructed only from metal. In fact, they seal with a silicone rubber gasket, which means that when these dampers are closed, no air is getting in or out.

The location and airtight seal of a Lock-Top damper guarantees these results:

  • keeps your flue warmer during the winter, which means hotter, more efficient fires and less creosote production.
  • keeps water out of your flue and fireplace system, which means fewer worries about water damage and chimney leaks.
  • prevents birds and small animals from coming down into your chimney and nesting there, which means you don’t have to worry about blockages and flue damage, mites and other parasites entering your home, or late night chirping and scratching keeping you up.

What about longevity — will a Lock-Top damper last?

Yes! The exterior of the damper is made of long-lasting stainless steel and cast aluminum, and these dampers are so well made that they carry a factory lifetime warranty.

Are they easy to use?

Of course! Although these dampers are mounted at the top of your chimney, a cable drops down and can be used to easily open and close your damper.

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