Home and business owners in Ellicott City, Maryland have depended on Trinity Chimney Service for all their chimney needs for over thirty years. Depending on Trinity for chimney repairs, maintenance, installations, and construction means exceptional care, safe heating, and extended chimney life. chimneyWe are a veteran and public servant-owned company with Christian values that extend into our quality work and customer care.

Safe Chimneys in Ellicott City

Homes in Ellicott City are safer due to Trinity Chimney Service and other companies like it who put chimney safety above commercialism and gains. We offer CSIA inspections and chimney sweeps for customers new and old. In order to work best with the schedules and budgets of our customers, we offer these important services year-round. You don’t have to wait until the burn season to schedule your chimney sweep or inspection. You can forward-schedule this routine maintenance for the spring or summer, but if you haven’t had it done yet this winter, make sure you schedule now! The best thing you can do for your home and family this New Year is to schedule chimney services to protect it!

Chimneys that are inspected annually and cleaned regularly are safer and more efficient than any other chimney system according to both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We offer both!

A Trinity Chimney Sweep

When you schedule your chimney sweep with Trinity Chimney Service you can count on a mess-free service, the highest level of professionalism and courtesy, and a safer chimney. We’ll show up on time, cover your floors and furniture with drop cloths, and use our specialized tools to clean the flue of creosote, soot, and carbon. We contain the mess with an industrial vacuuming system and dispose of it all safely out of your home. The result of your chimney sweep is this: a flue that’s clean of obstructions and flammable deposits, a more efficient and safe fireplace, an easier-to-light fire, and less smoke. We also complete a basic assessment of the entire system to ensure safety at each chimney sweep appointment.

A Trinity Chimney Inspection

The basic inspection included in the standard chimney sweep is a level 1 CSIA inspection. At Trinity Chimney Service we offer levels 1, 2, and 3 inspections. According to the NFPA 211 Standard, a chimney inspection should be scheduled:

  • once per year
  • after a chimney fire
  • after severe weather or earthquake
  • after an operation malfunction
  • when relining your chimney
  • when changing appliances that differ in type, fuel, or efficiency rating
  • when buying or selling a property

Which inspection you need to schedule will depend on what is going on with your chimney. A level one inspection is the standard inspection required annually when nothing has changed about your chimney system and it’s been used in the same way with no problems. It includes a basic assessment of all the readily accessible portions of the system.

A level two inspection is required when changes have been made to the system, including repairs, installations, conversions, and even storm damage. It is also required when a property is sold or transferred because a standard home inspection does not include a thorough assessment of the chimney and is not performed by a chimney professional. A level two inspection also includes a video scan of the entire flue interior and all accessible portions of the system through doors, panels, basements, attics, and crawlspaces.

A level three inspection is only scheduled when a serious hazard is suspected and is required to gain access to the hazard for diagnosis and repair. A level three inspection may require minor demolition of walls and masonry to access the hazard. When this occurs, a repair is imminent.

Certified Chimney Sweeps in Ellicott City, Maryland

For all your chimney and hearth needs in Ellicott City, home and business owners continue to depend on Trinity Chimney Service because of our wonderful staff of certified chimney sweeps. It is essential that when you’re considering chimney maintenances, installations, repairs, and restorations, you hire a CSIA certified chimney sweep. Trinity is a full-service custom fireplace installation company that specializes in sweeps, inspections, repairs, and restorations of chimney and heating appliances. We also provide a fuel menu of chimney-related services to help your chimney last a lifetime and work well while it does!

Start your new year off right. Start with a safe and efficient chimney system that will save your family on fuel and utilities, will prevent future damage, and will make your fireplace experience all the better. We serve throughout Ellicott City, with customers on Centennial Lane, Frederick Road, Gray Rock Drive, Old Annapolis Road, Columbia Road, Bethany Lane, St. Johns Lane, Main Street, Old Columbia Pike, Rogers Avenue, Ridge Road, Joey Drive, Center Drive, Ramsey Drive, Brookwood Road, Victoria Drive, Brightwell Drive, Ellicott Mills Drive, Toll House Road, Cooks Lane, New Cut Road, and more. We travel Autumn Hill, Gray, Oak West, Keywaydin, Chalfont Manor, Normandy Woods, and Catonsville. If you don’t reside in our service area, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

Don’t hesitate to call Trinity today at 443-265-2184 or request an appointment online.