The Benefits of Using Ahren-Fire Products

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your home during the lifetime of your mortgage or management is the heating system. How best to heat your home affects more than you realize. What type of fuel will heat your home? What will that fuel cost you in the long-run? How safe is your heating system? How will your personal comfort and that of your family affect the environment? Will every change you make for your home add to the value of the property or take away from it? These are big questions to ask—many homeowners even avoid these big questions—but if you shop with Trinity Chimney Service, you can count on our experts walk you through these important questions and more.

Ahren Fire Fireplace Image - Ellicott City MD - Trinity Chimney ServiceSafe Fire Systems for Safer Homes

The last thing you want to hear as a new homeowner is that your home isn’t “up to code”. What does that even mean? The house is in good shape. The home inspection went down without a hitch. Unfortunately for many homeowners, the home inspection is not the same as a thorough chimney inspection, nor is it completed by a chimney professional. Many new homeowners are surprised and horrified by the news that the existing fireplace is not in proper working order. To get it there may cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Fortunately for us and our customers in Central Maryland, Ahren-Fire Products are the solution to the problems we didn’t realize we had, and wish we didn’t!

Complete Fire Systems for Safety and Value

The team of designers and industry professionals at Ahren-Fire know that many masonry fireplaces of generations past do not meet the building codes of today. Many existing masonry fireplaces are unusable, if not riddled with issues such as smokiness, inefficiency, and unsafe heat transfer. These problems are ones that you can see, but if the chimney or fireplace is working improperly, you can bet there are unseen hazards that need to be diagnosed and addressed. Do not attempt to use an unsafe fireplace. Using a fireplace that violates building ordinances and codes not only puts your family and home at risk but also puts your neighbors and community at risk. By installing the Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System [], Trinity Chimney can bring your masonry fireplace up to current safety codes. This is the only fireplace restoration product that meets or exceeds safety tests and criteria of Underwriters Laboratory safety testing. Ahren-Fire proudly displays the UL mark, and that is why we trust our customers with Ahren-Fire products.

How Ahren-Fire Restores Your Fireplace

The Ahren-Fire Complete Fireplace System is available in eight sizes and works with every part of your fireplace and chimney system to work together for safety and efficiency. The products only need a minimum of 4” of solid masonry in order to bring the system up to current safety codes. When you hire Trinity to install your Ahren-Fire Complete System you will experience an instant rise in efficiency which means your home will be easier to heat and your fire will be easier to light. The system will also burn more safely and your fire risk will go down. This is not just something that is good for you! This type of fireplace restoration will affect your bottom line, helping with your homeowner’s insurance premium and with re-financing.

Safer Homes in Central Maryland

For home and business owners in Howard, Carroll, and Baltimore counties, we offer a comprehensive menu of chimney and fire appliance services to keep our communities safe. Our region of New England boasts historic homes and communities, and Ahren-Fire allows us to restore these historic fireplaces and chimneys while preserving the heritage and integrity of the original structure.

In order to best provide for our customers, we also offer preventative services year-round, including chimney sweeps, chimney inspections, waterproofing services, and appliance maintenance. With over 30 years in the fire and chimney industry we are able to diagnose even the hardest cases, and repair even the most damaged systems. Our products are all backed with a 10-year workmanship warranty and all of our technicians are CSIA certified chimney sweeps. We’re a veteran and a public servant-owned company that works with other trades professionals to establish safety and comfort for our customers.

You will not find the level of professionalism and dedication to quality anywhere else in our community. We offer different products from most of our competitors and we stand by and trust the ones we do sell and install. We go on to service many of the products we install because our customers continue to put their trust in Trinity Chimney Service.

Are you ready for a new fireplace? If your system has been giving you issues, or if you just feel it needs an upgrade for looks or function, we can help. Contact one of our fire experts today by calling Trinity at 443-264-4876 or request an appointment online.