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Increase your property value with Trinity Chimney. Our masons will design, install, repair and restore brick on your home or landscaping. Brick is a staple in Maryland and can last 100 years, sometimes more. Mortar, on the other hand, can deteriorate and wear away in just a couple of decades. Mother Nature and the elements can cause deterioration when excessive moisture is absorbed and temperatures fluctuate, water expands and contracts inside of the masonry. Let Trinity evaluate your home’s masonry. Schedule an appointment today!

Trinity’s masons are well-versed in all things Hardscaping. We will walk you through your project from start to finish, providing you with design ideas, including outdoor fire features!

Why only enjoy the warmth of a beautiful fire inside? Trinity Chimney is an expert in all things fire including building a beautiful outdoor fireplace to enjoy OUTSIDE!

If your home’s masonry or hardscaping is in really bad shape, we also specialize in repair and restoration. You’re in good hands with Trinity Chimney Service.

Increase your property value with beautiful brick or stone walls, decorative boulders, steps, walkways, and patios. Trinity’s masons will design and install hardscaping to enhance your gardens and landscaping.

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