In Howard County, homes are bought and sold each year. Many homes have a new or old chimney system that have not been inspected for awhile. This is because the home inspections required for home sales are not the as thorough as a real estate chimney inspection by a licensed chimney professional. At Trinity Chimney Service, we offer real estate chimney inspection, and our team is ready to inspect your chimney before you sell or buy a house!

Mortgage Time-Line

masonry chimneyMany first time homebuyers don’t realize how stringent the timeline is for a home sale. There are contracts outlining specific deadlines including windows of opportunity for things like home inspections. The standard home inspection that your realtor or lender will schedule is with a home inspector. Make sure that during this allotted time, you also schedule a real estate chimney inspection too!

Home Inspection Vs. Chimney Inspection

The home inspection is a general assessment of the whole home and property. During the appointment, the inspector will make sure the chimney exterior and interior of the chimney is sound and that the chimney is “plumb”. An inspection with a licensed and certified chimney sweep is a more thorough assessment.

When you schedule a real estate inspection, your chimney expert will complete a level two inspection, which includes all accessible portions of the chimney exterior such as the inside of attic, basement, and crawlspace. They also check connections, appliances, and also do a video scan of the flue interior. Schedule with Trinity Chimney Service and your real estate inspection will include:

  • A full video scan of the interior
  • A check for proper height, design, and function
  • A check of evidence of leak including water damage, deterioration, and entry points
  • A check for proper clearances from combustibles
  • A check for proper installation, connection, and footing

Once your inspection is complete, our technician will have a full written report prepared, which includes photos and video footage. If there is a necessary repair or restoration, this is when you’ll find out. You can present the report to your real estate attorney, REALTOR, or mortgage broker. You can add the information to the disclosure if you’re the seller or request repairs to be made before purchase if you’re the buyer.

What’s Next?

If everything looks great, we’ll sign off, and you can go ahead with your purchase. Our team at Trinity Chimney Service understands that this is a stressful time, and that time is of the essence. We don’t want this necessary inspection to add stress to your home buying process, and our team will not make a mess. We pride ourselves on our experience, expert training, and professional excellence and care.

If you reside in Howard County or looking to buy in Clarksville, North Laurel, Mount Airy, Columbia, Ellicott City, Catonsville, Reisterstown, Sykesville, Elkridge, West Friendship, schedule your real estate inspection with us by calling 443-602-4306. We also offer routine services to homeowners, sellers, property managers, and businesses in the area.