At Trinity Chimney Service, we don’t think wood-burning appliances will ever go out of style. Wood fires along with the warmth and ambiance they provide are tough to beat. With the wide range of wood stove inserts, things are only getting better. Why choose a new wood stove insert for your home though? We are here to help you learn all the benefits of wood stove inserts.

They’re Cleaner-Burning & More Efficient

wood stove insertWood is easy to come by, but who wants to go out to the wood pile multiple times a night? When you have an old masonry fireplace, this is what you have to do to keep a fire active. However, with a new wood stove insert, you’ll have a completely different experience. They are efficient. They burn completely so they have longer burn times. They produce more heat using less wood, which means you can rest in front of the fire and enjoy your fires without catching a cold. Plus, because they burn so clean, this is also better for the environment!

They’re Easy To Clean

The efficiency of these inserts doesn’t just translate to fewer emissions, more warmth, and less wood. It also means you’ll have less to cleanup. New wood stove inserts produce little ash, so cleaning up is easy. You may even be able to go longer between professional chimney cleanings. Now, that’s good news for you pocket and system!

They Eliminate Drafty Fireplace Problems

Are you tired of feeling cold air coming in through your fireplace during the winter? What about losing your conditioned air through the fireplace and cranking up the heat to maintain a comfortable temperature? These are pretty common issues with drafty masonry fireplaces. However, wood stove inserts eliminate all these problems. They’re closed combustion systems, which means your inside air won’t be lost and outside air won’t make an appearance in your home. What a wonderful solution for you to both save money and maintain a comfortable home.

They’re Attractive, Quickly Installed & Can Enhance Any Living Space

Wood stove inserts come in many styles and sizes. It’s easy to add charm and warmth to any space and update your masonry fireplace. The insert is simply retrofitted into the fireplace opening. You don’t have to worry about weeks of construction, all the costs, mess, and disruption that come with it. However, we do recommend to have a CSIA certified professional install your new wood stove insert, and the team at Trinity Chimney Service is here to help! You can expect proper and quick installation with our team on the job, so you can start enjoy your new wood stove insert ASAP.

Why wait another year? Call Trinity Chimney Service today. We’re experienced, and our team is also certified and trained to provide the best experience!