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Benefits of Wood Stoves and Wood Stove Inserts

January is the month when many homeowners begin to feel the pressure of heating costs. It may be that you’re stuck inside because of the cold winter weather in your area. You also realize that your fireplace is not working as well as it was. It might be time to invest in a new wood stoves, we can give you more reasons to choose a new wood stove or stove insert to heat your home.

Why Burn Wood

a stoveMany homeowners who have their own wood source on the property, while others choose wood because it’s convenient. Some people choose it for the natural beauty of the flames it gives. We recommend wood stoves and inserts for many reasons:

  • It’s good for the environment.
  • It offers high heat output.
  • They are highly efficient and safe.
  • They waste less heat than open fireplaces.

Wood Stoves & Wood Inserts

When you choose a wood stove, it can be installed anywhere in your home. You should choose Trinity Chimney Service, because we can install your wood stove too. We use refractory materials to protect walls and floors so that your stove can go anywhere. Wood stoves do not need a chimney either. A professional can pipe a wood stove directly through a ceiling or wall. All you need to do is give our professionals a call.

An insert is a closed unit like a stove, but they are designed to look more like a traditional fireplace. Installing an insert is possible in any room and nearly any space as long as it can be vented. Inserts are a popular option for revitalizing a damaged or outdated fireplace. Trinity Chimney Service can install an insert directly into your old firebox and pipe it up your existing chimney. You’ll have all the efficiency of a stove along with the beauty of a fireplace and a fire-viewing window.

Choose Trinity Chimney

When you choose a new wood stove or insert, choose Trinity Chimney Service for your installation. Our CSIA certified chimney sweeps are trained and experienced in installations, maintenance, and code compliance. You can count on excellence when it comes to our professionals. When you plan with us, we can help you choose an appliance that matches your style, personality, and home. Our products are available in contemporary styles and rustic, and everything in between.

Properly Seasoned Firewood

Once your new wood stove or insert is installed from us, you can count on the best performance for many years to come. Make sure you follow the instructions of your chimney sweep and manufacturer when using your new appliance. This keeps it working properly and endure a long time. In order for your fireplace and chimney system to work properly, you should only burn properly seasoned firewood and service it regularly. This will keep it working well, keep air flowing properly, and lower the fire hazard.

When you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly and clean-burning fire appliance, look no further than our EPA-approved stoves and inserts at Trinity Chimney. Call now and we’ll help you find the best fit for your home. Call us at 443-602-4206 or request an appointment online.