During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there are many things around the house that can be overlooked. You can bet that your Christmas tree will be up and decorated before Santa visits. We also expect most of our customers’ decorations are on point before the family comes into town as well. Most likely your home will be clean, decked out in garland and lights, and a crackling fire in the hearth. What we see all too often and regrettably often end in disaster, is neglecting to clean the things that are unseen—the chimney system.

Why Schedule a Chimney Sweep

holiday chimneyYour chimney can be one of the best additions to your home, but also the most dangerous if it’s neglected. A dirty chimney can have a buildup of creosote and soot that can result in an accidental fire, unwelcome odors, inefficient fires, wasted fuel, and more. Scheduling a chimney sweep in the fall ensures the chimney system is ready for the first fire of the season but also is ready for your holiday festivities.

When you schedule a chimney sweep with a professional you can expect:

  • A basic level one inspection for general chimney soundness
  • All debris cleared from the flue interior by brushes and rods
  • A mess-free experience using an industrial vacuuming system and drop cloths to protect flooring and furniture
  • A thorough cleaning of the flue, parts of the chimney system, firebox, and doors

This service is recommended routinely in order to have the safest and most efficient chimney system possible, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Homeowners that keep up with routine chimney sweeps will experience cleaner burns in the fireplace, resulting in less smoky fires, flue fire prevention, less risk of carbon monoxide intrusion and exposure, and a longer-lasting flue lining system.

Beautiful Homes for the Holidays

While you’re decking the halls for all of your holiday happenings, make sure you remember the fireplace. The hearth is usually the focal point of the house and especially the living space where it sits. The fireplace is so popular during Christmastime that popular streaming services and television packages include a crackling fireplace that is just that—nothing but a fire to burn in the background of your festivities. You can have the real deal when you have a fireplace that is safe and ready for a fire this holiday season. Schedule a chimney sweep and ensure your fire will be vibrant and warm, your fireplace will not be smoky, and your hearth is clean and beautiful. Don’t schedule an elaborate outdoor photoshoot for your social media post. Use your fireplace as the backdrop to your family photos this year. Decorate the mantel with style and safety and enjoy your clean and beautiful fireplace all winter long.

Chimney Sweeps in Central Maryland

When it’s time to schedule your chimney services, look no further than your own local experts. If you reside in Central Maryland and own or rent a home with a fireplace, insert, or stove, we can help make the most out of your holiday season by cleaning your system. Our team at Trinity Chimney Service specializes in the sweeping of chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and solid fuel-burning appliances. We remove soot and creosote from the flue lining, ensure all the parts of the system are working correctly together, and make sure there are no obstructions of buildups. The best-maintained chimneys actually require the least maintenance, so our regular customers don’t have to spend all that much time or money maintaining chimneys or dealing with preventable damages.

For instance, homeowners who schedule routine chimney sweeps will have creosote removed before glazed creosote buildup can occur. Glazed creosote removal requires a bit more work and the use of a chemical agent to dissolve the hardened mass. Similarly, those chimneys that are regularly cleaned will also experience a level one inspection, so fire hazards, chimney leaks, and minor damages are caught and repaired before anything serious occurs. A homeowner doesn’t know what to look for when assessing their own chimney, but a certified professional knows exactly where to look and what signs indicate a problem—big or small.

Our team at Trinity Chimney Service is central Maryland’s best because we put our customers’ safety first. We are CSIA certified because we want our technicians to be experienced and educated on chimney science and fire safety standards. We want our priority to be obvious to our customers and other trades professionals. Our priority is to bring down the instances of residential fires by being educated and by educating the public. If you want to watch your chimney service and ask questions of our chimney sweep while he or she works, you’re encouraged to do that. If we can’t answer your question we will call you with the answer later!

We live and work in the communities that we serve, and we want nothing more than our customers, friends, and neighbors to be safe and warm this holiday season. We want your chimney to last and for your home to be safe, and if you avoid expensive repairs and insurance claims in the process, this is a holiday bonus!

Don’t wait until Santa slides down the dirty chimney and tracks a mess on your floor. Your flue can be as clean as your house’s front door!

Call Trinity Chimney Service today to schedule your chimney sweep. Dial 443-264-4881 or request an appointment online.