Our neighbors in and around West Friendship, Maryland are lighting fires. Customers send us pictures of the first fire in a new hearth. Friends post photos on social media of cozy socked feet in front of a crackling fire. Now is time for the fireplace to shine (and dance, and crackle, and warm). Whether you own one of the sprawling farms in the country hills or in one of the newest suburban developments, if you have a fireplace, make sure it’s ready for the first fire of the season by scheduling important services now. West Friendship, MD Fall Chimney Service & Inspection - Columbia MD - Trinity Chimney Service

Clean Chimneys, Safe Chimneys

When your chimney is clean it will work better. With less residue, debris, and buildup, the air will flow up and out of the chimney as intended. This optimum airflow vents the chimney, allowing for a healthy, warm fire, and keeping your family safe from breathing in toxic gases and harmful particles. A clean chimney also means that there is no stinky lingering odor when the fire is out and the firebox itself looks picture-perfect for all your #relaxingbythefire social media selfies and holiday family photos.

When your flue is dirty, the air slows and more creosote and soot are left behind to coat the liner with corrosive chemicals or create a dangerous creosote buildup. When your fireplace and chimney are dirty, the parts can become stuck or damaged quicker, the lifetime of your chimney is shorter, and it’s harder to diagnose problems and damage. When your chimney is dirty, it’s unsafe to use your fireplace. Don’t risk it. Enjoy it! Schedule a chimney sweep with Trinity Chimney Services today.

Inspections for Safer Chimneys

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend annual inspections and routine sweeps for the safest and most efficient chimney systems. This doesn’t mean a homeowner with a hand mirror and a flashlight. The CSIA Inspection is a thorough once-over of the entire system. It comes in three levels according to necessity and is affordable to all homeowners.

At Trinity, we offer levels 1, 2, and 3 inspections as well as real estate inspections for sellers and prospective home buyers. The basic routine chimney inspection necessary every 12 months is the level one inspection. It includes all readily accessible portions of the system from top to bottom. If your chimney has had issues, has experienced a natural disaster, or has been changed in any way, or if the property is being sold or transferred, the inspection to schedule is a level two. This includes all from a level one, plus a video scan of the interior of the system and all portions accessible by doors and crawlspaces. If your chimney professional discovers or suspects a hazard during one of these inspections, a level three inspection becomes necessary. This is a more costly inspection and usually requires minor demolition and repair.

Have you had your chimney serviced this fall? Now is the time to make appointments, even if you’re not ready to light the fire.

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