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All About Multi Flue Outside Mounted Chimney Caps

Of all the parts of your chimney, the cap is one of the most important. It keeps water, weather, and animals out of the flue, protecting your chimney from leaks and damage year round. However, not many homeowners know their chimney needs a cap, let alone what type of cap. There are many chimney caps out there, and we know there is one for your home. At Trinity Chimney Services, we install multi-flue chimney caps and outside mounted chimney caps to ensure your chimney is fully protected. Let us help you learn more about the benefits of them.

The Importance of the Chimney Cap

outside mount chimney capAt Trinity Chimney Services, we see the importance of having a chimney cap, and you should too. The chimney cap is a roof for your flue. It prevents rain, ice, and snow from falling directly into your flue opening. Chimney leaks can damage and even destroy a masonry chimney, but they are preventable with the help of a chimney cap, flashing, and a crown.

The chimney cap also prevent wind gusts from affecting your fire, which causes drafts in your home. Chimney caps are especially important this time of year to prevent small animals and birds from intruding your home. They tend to seek shelter and nest in chimneys if you let them.

Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

We know some homes may need extra protection for their flues. Homes with multiple flues, flues that are odd sizes, or flue unlined should be capped with a multi-flue cap. A multi-flue chimney cap is made of stainless steel, copper, or black galvanized steel. They are fasten securely to each flue opening, or sometimes, they extend out to cover the entire chimney. The top of these caps help water run off the chimney, while the metal mesh keeps animals and debris from getting in.

Outside Mounted Chimney Caps

Another cap that is similar to a multi-flue cap is the outside mount chimney cap. They are installed onto a chimney top that only has one flue. Instead of being attached to the top of the flue, these caps are installed on the chimney itself. This encloses the flue opening and the whole chimney top too!

Most chimney caps protect the flue from water penetration from devastating the whole system. The cap protects the flue. When water flows onto the crown, water and sunlight can cause damages to your crown over time. With multi-flue and outside mounted caps, they cover the flue and the crown, adding extra protection for your entire chimney system. If you find that your crown is easily damaged, or it is poorly made, some repairs and a new outside mounted cap is just what your chimney needs.

You can have your existing cap assessed today when you call Trinity Chimney Service. We can replace your old flue cap with an outside mounted cap, or discuss other options like a top mount damper. Call us today at 443-602-4306 or request an appointment online.