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Proudly Sweeping Chimneys in North Laurel, MD

If you’ve made your home in North Laurel, Maryland, you’re already our neighbor and friend. Though we serve a wide area reaching across Central Maryland, we are proud to serve the community of North Laurel, Maryland, where we strive to bring safe and efficient fires into homes every day. It is our goal that by educating homeowners in North Laurel, and by providing expert services, that we might bring down the number of residential fires in North Laurel, and throughout Central Maryland. 

Expert Chimney ServicesBrick chimney

At Trinity Chimney Service, we offer a full selection of chimney services, including routine maintenance, installations, repairs, and diagnostics. We offer our services year-round and are most busy in the fall and winter. Our staff is highly skilled and certified in chimney science, fire safety standards, and industry essentials that make us the best for any job. Whether you’re thinking about getting a fire appliance, just purchased a new home with a fireplace, or you’ve had one for your entire life, we can help you. We strive to educate our customers on every call so that safety is always the top priority and you know what we’re doing and why. 

Routine Maintenance

As part of our effort to prevent residential fires, we offer preventative services that help to keep your family safe, keep your fireplace and chimney efficient, and keep your chimney lasting as long as it should. Spending a small amount of money annually can save you dearly by preventing damages throughout the year. 

Chimney Sweeps – All fireplaces and chimneys in North Laurel should have routine chimney sweeps to prevent flue fires and to help homeowners get the most out of their system. Neglecting this important appointment can actually lead to unwelcome odors during the spring and summer, and lead to smoky and difficult fires in the fall. Schedule your chimney sweep now, and you can rest assured that your fireplace will be ready to go when you need it, free of dangerous creosote and nasty soot. 

Chimney Inspections – We follow the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and offer three levels of inspection to give each chimney the necessary attention. Depending on your chimney, you may need a routine level one inspection which is a visual inspection, or you may need a more thorough assessment. A level two inspection is scheduled when a change has been made to the system, after seismic activity or fire, when a problem is suspected, and when a property is sold or bought. By calling Trinity, we can help you determine what type of inspection your chimney needs. Your chimney will not need a level three inspection unless a serious hazard is detected in a lesser level inspection. 

In 2019 alone there have been 16 fire fatalities in our state of Maryland. One is too many. It is our mission to do our part, preventing fires where we can by educating our friends and neighbors and providing services that help chimneys work safely and efficiently. Find out more about chimney and fireplace safety by calling one of our chimney experts. 

Call Trinity Chimney Service at 443-602-4306 or request one of our expert services online.