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Chimney & Fireplace Masonry Repairs with Trinity Chimney Service

A chimney system adds style and personality to any home. A fireplace and well-constructed chimney system also add value to the home. Homeowners and homebuyers desire fireplaces. They are the focal point of the home and help homeowners to save in utilities and benefit from zone heating. When weighing the pros and cons of a chimney system, it’s important to remember that all the benefits can be canceled out if necessary maintenance isn’t scheduled. Your masonry chimney must be maintained properly to retain its value and to work safely and properly year after year. Chimney & Fireplace Masonry Repairs with Trinity Chimney Service

Common Masonry Problems

Even a masonry chimney that is built properly will take on damage over time. A professional chimney sweep can service a masonry chimney to prevent damage and catch minor damage and repair it before it becomes a major problem. During a routine service appointment, your sweep may recognize common masonry problems, including:

  • Spalling
  • Staining
  • Leaking
  • Leaning

Masonry damage can generally be prevented with some routine service completed by a professional chimney sweep. The most common damage, listed above, can actually occur due to water damage. Chimney leaks are 100 percent preventable when you trust the professionals. Making repairs in a timely manner is another way to prevent damage to the system. When we find damage during a routine service appointment, it’s imperative that repairs are completed as soon as possible. Waiting to make necessary repairs can lead to more damage and high costs later. Gross neglect of chimney care can often lead to total loss, requiring a complete rebuild or demolition. It’s our goal to avoid this type of deterioration because it doesn’t just detract from your home’s value, but it also puts your family at risk.

Professional Masonry Repairs

At Trinity Chimney Service it is our goal to keep our customers, friends, and neighbors in and around Central Maryland safe and comfortable each winter. We service and repair chimney and fireplace systems to meet this need in our community. We make it our priority to maintain the highest levels of education and training to do this work and to be the best in the area.

When you hire Trinity Chimney Service, you can expect the utmost professionalism and expert services. Our most common repair is brick and mortar joint repair—especially after a long winter like the one we’ve just had! To repair damaged brick and mortar joints, our team completes a repair called tuckpointing or repointing. Through this process, the affected brick and mortar are removed and replaced with new mortar of equal consistency, color, and strength. Once completed, the masonry is stronger and just as beautiful as when originally constructed. If done improperly, the masonry will end up weaker, not stronger.

Make sure you hire professionals who will not only repair your masonry, but restore it to full and proper function, and do so according to fire safety standards and local codes.

Put your trust in the professionals with over 30 years of experience in the fire and chimney industry. Put your trust in Trinity Chimney Service. Call us at 443-602-4306 and schedule today.