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We Handle Chimney Firebox Reconstruction & Repair

The chimney system is made up of many parts which make an indoor fire possible, venting the smoke out of the house, and promoting an efficient fire for heat and comfort. All the parts of the system are essential, but some are overlooked completely! As a homeowner you might hear a lot about sweeping the chimney, flue fires, and chimney caps–but how often do you hear of the firebox?

The Firebox

fireplace in a home

The firebox is the most important part of the entire chimney system. In terms of endurance, it takes the most abuse but gets the least attention. The firebox is the space inside the fireplace where the fire is built and where it burns. The firebox endures the highest temperatures of any part of the chimney system, and on a fairly constant basis for all of the burn season. Since fire is usually burning in the fireplace, many homeowners don’t notice when damage occurs inside the firebox. Cracks and stains in the masonry may be hidden behind distracting flames or even hidden beneath soot. You may not catch a damaged portion of your firebox until it’s too late. Damage to the firebox can be extremely dangerous.

Why Repair the Firebox?

The high temperatures from your fireplace must be contained inside the firebox. When it becomes damaged, high temperatures can affect the house itself. Continued exposure to heat can make wood beams and framing brittle overtime, also making them more flammable. A damaged firebox can also lead to carbon monoxide exposure which can be dangerous or deadly to the family in the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is often overlooked until permanent damage or death is imminent. It is best to prevent it completely, but scheduling routine services to your chimney system, and completing repairs when they’re needed can prevent these devastating disasters.

Trust Trinity with Firebox Restoration

At Trinity Chimney Service, our repairs are easy and mess-free. We will keep our work area clean with drop cloths and will get the work done with the least bother to our customers. Whether your firebox has small, hairline cracks or large gaps, we can take care of it. We use appropriate materials–refractory panels, firebricks, and refractory mortar, and we are experienced in their use and installation.

If you reside in Central Maryland and your fireplace needs attention, you can call on Trinity Chimney Service for your chimney services, big and small. When you choose Trinity, you can count on a professional approach, quality workmanship, and honest, dependable service.

Call to schedule your firebox checkup, your routine sweep, or an annual inspection. Reach a chimney expert now at 443-602-4306 or schedule online.