In our region of New England, we have a great combination of new constructions, historic homes, and everything in between. When it comes to our neighborhoods and communities around Eldersburg, Maryland, there are beautiful homes and great natural landscapes that make us all feel at home. At Trinity Chimney Service, we want your home to be the safest, most comfortable place you go, and we want to help.

Winter-Safe Chimneys

It is important that your home is prepared for winter. As you bring out jackets and long-sleeves, make sure you also take out the phone book to call your chimney care company. Maryland is a great place to call home, but winters can be difficult. Scheduling important chimney services now can ensure your chimney system is ready for fall and a full season of burning through winter.

Chimney Sweeps

When you schedule a chimney sweep now, your fireplace and flue will be cleaned of debris, soot, and creosote before your first fire. If the chimney isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, soot and creosote can build up in the system, airflow can slow, efficiency drops, and fire risk goes up. Neglecting simple, inexpensive maintenance can lead to serious hazards and costly repairs.

Chimney Inspections

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says the safest and most efficient chimneys are those that are serviced regularly and inspected annually. When you schedule a chimney inspection now, there is still time to make necessary repairs before burn season. Do not attempt to light a fire in a fireplace that has not been inspected in the last year or that needs repairs. We want your chimney to last a lifetime, but more than that, Trinity Chimney Service wants our friends and neighbors in Eldersburg, Maryland to be safe, safe, safe this winter.

Chimney Care in Central Maryland

We don’t just service Eldersburg, but large portions of Central Maryland. If you reside in Howard, Carroll, or Baltimore counties and own or rent a property with a chimney, we want to service it! In small communities like Eldersburg, firefighters are professionals and community members volunteering their time and efforts to save lives and property. We work together with them to strive for safety. We want our communities to be free of dangerous fires, and that starts with making the homes and chimneys free of fire hazards.

In order to keep our customers and their homes safe from fire danger, we offer expert services year-round. There is still time to schedule your services before burn season and beat the fall rush.

Sales and Installations

Our team of fireplace and chimney experts sells and install the best products on the market. From your fireplace or stove to the chimney cap protecting your flue opening, we install the best. If you’re not sure what appliance or product is right for you, we can help you choose!

Repairs and Restorations

When your technician reports a problem and recommends a repair, this is something that needs to be scheduled and completed as soon as possible. We make repairs, big or small, and can restore even a badly neglected fireplace or chimney system back to safety.

Give Trinity Chimney Service a call today at 443-265-2184 or request an appointment online.