In Ellicott City along with the rest of much of Maryland and New England, many of the fire departments are operated by volunteers. The firefighters and other fire professionals are committed to keeping our community safe by bringing down instances of fire. We can accomplish this by providing fire prevention resources as well as providing services to keep fire and heat appliances safe.

Chimney Safety, Top to Bottom

When your chimney is clean and maintained properly, it will work safely and efficiently all winter long. When fall arrives and you are ready to crank up the heat in the fireplace, the last thing you want is a dirty or damaged chimney to cramp your style.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the chimney must be cleaned regularly and inspected annually in order to be most safe and efficient. The team here at Trinity Chimney Service services and inspects chimney and fireplace systems in and around Ellicott City. Schedule your service now and beat the fall rush.

Cold Weather and Your Chimney

As the weather changes to bring about fall and winter temperatures, your fireplace can help you save money. By lighting a fire, you can lower the temperature on your thermostat, saving you boatloads of cash in utility bills this winter. If you risk lighting your fire in a damaged fireplace, however, it can cost you.

  • Cold Chimneys – When your chimney is cold, it can be more difficult to light a fire. This is because the smoke has to fight with cold air to move through the chimney. Instead of rising, the smoke will push right into your home, or the fire will not light at all. When your chimney flue is clean and all the parts of your system are in the right place and in good shape, your fire will be easier to light. A clean chimney flue means the airflow will not be slowed by debris and buildup.
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle – When there is damage to the masonry or any other part of your chimney system, there may be effects that aren’t seen until it is too late! Water leaks in the masonry can lead to serious winter damage as temperatures drop below freezing and the water freezes inside cracks and gaps. As it freezes, it expands and breaks apart the spaces around it. When temperatures rise again, the water melts and moves further into the system. This process repeats throughout winter and can result in costly repairs in the spring.
  • Flammable Creosote – When you light your fire this winter, make sure it’s in a clean chimney so that there is no flammable creosote in the flue. Unlike soot, creosote is sticky and is made up of primarily tar, which is highly flammable. Creosote builds on itself and eventually becomes a hardened, condensed fuel that can cause a flue fire.

Having your chimney and fireplace serviced and inspected will benefit your home whether it’s winter, summer, spring, or fall. Your chimney needs to be adequately protected and free of damage and leaks year-round. An inspection will identify any problems with the system whatsoever.

Before you use a dangerous chimney, have Trinity Chimney Service take care of your entire system.

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