It is officially summer, and the last thing on your mind is your chimney system. In Maryland, winters are long and harsh. This past year, the winter weather seemed to go on and on, overworking our chimneys until late spring. If you are a homeowner in Howard County Maryland, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The mild-to-severe winter weather likely has wreaked havoc on your chimney system. If your masonry has lots of damages, then it’s time to give Trinity Chimney Service a call for your masonry repairs and restorations.

Quality Services, Professional Care

mason hammering bricks At Trinity Chimney, we put our customers first when it comes to products and services. Our goal is safety, and we maintain safety by having trained and certified technicians for every job. We hold certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). We also further our education and mission through memberships in the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Pennsylvania Guild of Professional Chimney Sweeps. Our sweeps are experienced, trained, and they will put your family first so you can have a safe and comfortable winter.

Common Masonry Damage

The moisture that we experience year-round along with the harsh temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on your chimney system. It causes all kinds of water damage that can destroy the masonry. Depending on the severity of the damage, your masonry may only need minor repairs. It’s important to have your system inspected by the professionals after a winter of use. They can determine what type of hazards exist and what repairs you need.

  • Spalling Masonry – We commonly find spalling masonry in Howard County. This is masonry that has cracked, gapped, or crumbling mortar. A professional can repair spalling masonry through a process called tuckpointing, in which the damaged mortar and affected bricks are removed. New mortar is mixed of equal consistency, strength, and color, and the bricks are replaced. When completed by a trained and experienced professional, this repair only strengthens the system and adds to its beauty.
  • Leaking Masonry – If your masonry has only minor damage, but it is taking on water. This is because masonry is porous by nature and allows water into the system easily. Our team can assess any possible damage, then waterproof your masonry with an industrial waterproofing agent that will prevent water penetration for ten years!
  • Chimney Crown Damage – Sometimes even a well-constructed crown can become damaged by time, sunlight, and water. We can repair minor damage, and even construct a new custom crown to get your chimney back to working order.

Let the Pros Take Care of It!

Masonry repairs may not be what you had planned for your summer, but Trinity can have your system ready for fires again in no time. Don’t wait to make the necessary repairs, and NEVER burn fires in a damaged chimney system. Talk to a chimney expert at Trinity Chimney to find out about masonry assessment and repairs, call us at 443-264-4879 today!