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The Importance of Waterproofing Your Chimney

Of all the things that can affect your chimney system (time, heat, sunlight, weather), water is the worst! Whether it happens during a particularly wet spring, tropical storm season, freezing weather, or

fresh red chimney with crown, cap and cover

occurs due to a structural problem, water will ruin your chimney system from the inside out.

Water and Masonry

The materials that make up the masonry are meant to be porous so that air can pass through them to vent the fire. Unfortunately, the very characteristics that make masonry ideal for chimneys also make it incredibly susceptible to water. If water is allowed to penetrate the masonry, the result is often expensive and also becomes hazardous.

A leaky chimney can result in:

  • Rust of the damper, fireplace accessories, and other metal features
  • Deterioration of firebox assemblies and central heating system
  • Rotting adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings, furniture, and fixtures
  • Water stains on masonry, walls, ceilings, and furniture
  • Clogged cleanout area
  • Cracked flue lining system and collapsed hearth support and chimney
  • Tilted chimney or chimney settlement
  • These things don’t sound like a walk in the park, and they’re not! The best way to prevent damage and danger caused by a chimney leak is to prevent it altogether. You can prevent a chimney leak through professional waterproofing services. At Trinity Chimney Service, it’s our goal to offer these services and more to keep your chimney working better for longer.

Chimney Inspections Keep Water Out

If you haven’t had your chimney system inspected in the last calendar year, schedule now. Spring is a great time to have the system inspected so that it’s ready for fall fires, but it is also an ideal time to get ahead of any water leaks. We inspect chimneys and can catch any cracks or damage in the masonry or crown, missing flashing, or missing or damaged cap that can allow water in. Once noted, we will set out to repair the damage to keep water out.

Repairs Keep Water Out

One of the biggest reasons a chimney leak occurs is because repairs are put off until burn season. Unfortunately, by fall, substantial water damage will occur if the damage is repaired. At Trinity, we specialize in water leak prevention and will replace chase covers and chimney crowns to keep water out. We also replace flashing when necessary and install it perfectly with no need to add a roofing tar to our flashing. Finally, we install the best chimney caps for our customers which prevent water penetration as well as added protection against critters and birds attempting to nest in the chimney flue.

Waterproofing Keeps Water Out

Our customers in Columbia Maryland and surrounding communities can benefit from our waterproofing services this spring and protect their chimney from water penetration for years to come. We use ChimneySaver water repellent which doesn’t change the look of the masonry at all, protects the entire chimney, allows the chimney to breathe, and prevent water penetration at the molecular level. While vapors and gas can get out, water will not get in.

Worried about your chimney system this spring? Concerned about a chimney leak? We can help. Call 443-602-4306 today.