You could easily purchase your own special cleaning supplies and research how to clean your chimney on your own. But, while that may save you money up front, it can have serious consequences in the end. In fact, these consequences may end up costing you more money in the long run. Chimney cleaning involves many risks and is best left up to a professional who has experience.


Fire Hazards

One of the main reasons people need to clean their chimneys regularly is because a substance called Creosote will begin to build up over time. This substance clogs up your chimney. It is also very flammable, so it’s no surprise that it is the source of many chimney fires. Chimney services employ cleaners who know exactly how to remove this material safely and effectively. They can also help identify any problems that may become potential fire hazards later on.

chimney fire hazards


Chimney Sweep Credentials

Chimney services typically hire chimney sweeps that have extensive credentials when it comes to chimney cleaning. The Chimney Safety Institute of America holds chimney sweeps to high standards to ensure optimal performance. Their performance is even evaluated to measure their knowledge of the cleaning process and how well they’ve maintained your chimney. They must also obtain a certification to clean chimneys and renew it every three years. All of this effort put into studying a craft like chimney sweeping means they are serious about their profession, and they know their stuff.


Thorough Cleaning and Inspection

Chimney sweeps can also inspect your chimney and the areas around it to ensure that it meets the industry standards, and everything is in good, working condition. Since it is spring time, it is a perfect time for a chimney cleaning. Making sure your heating source is in tip top shape is extremely important in avoiding a chimney fire later on. Chimney sweeps can also inspect your chimney for a variety of specific things, and each inspection has a purpose. For instance, a level one inspection is typically done simply to ensure that your chimney is clean and free of any potential hazards. A level two inspection is usually done if you are looking to add a different heating source or your fireplace has been the victim of extensive damage recently. Finally, a level three inspection is typically conducted if you suspect there is some kind of hazard lurking in your chimney that needs checked out promptly.


Time for a Chimney Inspection

It’s recommended that a homeowner with a fireplace have their chimney inspected every year to ensure that it is clean and free of any hidden hazards. As temperatures change and weather wreaks havoc on your chimney, debris begin to build up. As a result, your chimney might not function like it used to, which could lead to a potential fire. In order to keep your family and your home safe from a tragic chimney fire, be sure to take care of your chimney and have it cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.