Having a fireplace is a great way to stay warm and reduce your heating bills. However, problems with your chimney can cost you a lot in repairs if not taken care of properly. Chimney sweeping is the process of cleaning your chimney and removing the creosote buildup that can cause a house fire if not cleaned regularly. While being a homeowner means a lot of DIY jobs, this is not one you should ever try and do yourself. Here is a list of common reasons to call in a chimney sweep.


Leaves and Debris

If there is no cap on your chimney you may get all kinds of stuff down in there such as bird nests, twigs, leaves, crumbling brick, and even small animals trying to make a home in it. It is not uncommon to get birds, chipmunks, or other little creatures in your chimney or fireplace.

Obstructions in the chimney present a fire hazard and could cause other problems as well.


Little Critters

If you hear noises inside your chimney it is a good indication that you may have birds or other animals nesting in there. Odd smells, noises and the presence of animal droppings mean that a family of small animals has taken up residence in your chimney.


Creosote Buildup

Creosote is something that is left behind whenever you burn wood in your fireplace. It goes up the chimney with smoke and adheres to the sides and walls of the chimney. Over time, this buildup thickens and can cause a fire in your chimney. For this reason, The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually.


Flue Problems

Chimneys experience stress and wear and tear from intense high heat, and eventually, chimney linings made from clay tile can deteriorate, leaving the walls of the chimney vulnerable to damage which can create a fire hazard for the parts of the home connected to it.


Crumbling Brick

The brick around your chimney can crack and crumble as it ages. Crumbling brick can fall inside and cause an obstruction or fire hazard. In this instance, the brick will have to be repaired and the chimney cleaned of all debris. Rain can cause the mortar between the bricks to dissolve causing the brick to weaken, crumble or even collapse.


Protect Your Home from Fire by Sweeping Your Chimney Today

Animals living in your chimney, crumbling brick and dead leaves and debris can block your chimney and create the risk of causing a fire that can start in the chimney but quickly spread to your roof and other support structures.

Chimney sweeping is recommended yearly to keep the chimney clear of creosote and a chimney sweep (a trained professional) is trained to remove small animals in a way that is safe for them and causes no harm to the animal. Visit us at https://www.trinitychimney.com/ for more information.