Most homeowners may not give their fireplace and chimney system a second thought this summer, but for the chimney professionals? We like to stay busy during the summer with important chimney services that keep our customers safe each winter. Scheduling important services during the summer will ensure your system is ready this fall and help you avoid the hassle of attempting services during the busy season. sweep at work

The Fall Rush

The period between October and January is known as the Fall Rush—a time when chimney professionals are inundated with repairs, installations, and maintenance. If you wait until the fall rush it can be difficult or downright impossible to get on the schedule with a chimney sweep company, get the technician of your choice, or a time that is convenient. It might be so difficult to get an appointment that you end up spending some cool nights in the fall because you can’t use your chimney or fireplace safely. Do not wait and use an unsafe fireplace! Schedule your important chimney and fireplace services now.

Why Sweep the Chimney?

According to manufacturers and professionals across the industry, the safest and most efficient fire systems are those that are cleaned and inspected annually. A clean chimney system works the way it is designed. It works efficiently and is safer for your home, your family, and your neighbors. A chimney that is maintained properly will also last longer, need fewer repairs, and will add value to your home.

What to Expect from Your Sweep

When you schedule your chimney sweep with Trinity Chimney Services, you can expect the best services in the community and in the industry. We strive for excellence when entering customer homes and our top priority is the safety and comfort of our customers. We will sweep your chimney no matter the size, the age, or state of your chimney. We use industrial vacuuming systems to prevent messes while we work, and tools and tricks to clean away soot and creosote without damaging your liner. Trinity specializes in sweeping chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and solid-fuel burning appliances. Having our team sweep your system will prevent a dangerous creosote buildup which is more difficult and costly to remove and is substantially more dangerous. Our sweeps have the tools and experience to remove even the worst cases of glazed creosote, however. All you have to do is call.

Sweep Away Fire Risk with Trinity Chimney Services

If you reside in Central Maryland and own or manage properties, you can count on us to sweep your chimney and fireplace systems this summer so you’re ready for fall. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) agree that it’s the best way to keep safe and warm this winter.

Call Trinity Chimney Services at 443-265-2184 to schedule your chimney sweep, your inspection, or your install or repair now.