This fall, it’s important to make sure your gas fireplace is safe for use before you turn it on. As summer winds down, it’s time to think about scheduling your gas fireplace inspection. Neglecting your gas fireplace will result in a drop of efficiency and possible damage to your home. Before you settle back into a back-to-school routine and begin planning for the holidays, get a gas fireplace inspection. Schedule now and beat the fall rush.

The Importance of Inspections

roaring fire of a fireplaceAccording to industry professionals, the safest and most efficient chimney and fire systems are those that have routine inspections and cleanings. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) both agree. Most of the things that go wrong with your fire system go unnoticed by the average homeowners. Only a certified professional will notice a hazard before damage occurs. Scheduling an inspection this summer will give you time to have your fireplace thoroughly assessed and necessary repairs made in time for fall.

Gas V. Wood Fires

While a gas fireplace inspection is not the same as a standard chimney inspection, it does require the same standard of safety. The professionals at Trinity Chimney Services are CSIA-certified, which means we are trained in the classroom and the field for standards of safety in fire and chimney science. Gas fireplaces are different than wood fireplaces or appliances. They burn cleaner and more efficient, they also have a more consistent flame and temperature and require less maintenance.

Gas fireplaces have their own host of issues, however, the biggest problem is condensation. Gas fires burn so clean and most of the heat is used to heat the space that not much is left to help the water vapors rise up the chimney. The lack of heat combined with the size of the flue often result in a moisture problem, which leads to water damage in the home. Many homeowners help control the moisture problem by using a simple dehumidifier, but others ignore it. Don’t neglect your fireplace or ignore it; call the professionals to inspect it today!

What to Expect

When you schedule a gas fireplace inspection, your technician will clean and remove components of the gas fireplace. Connectors, hinges, gas logs, and burners are all checked, cleaned, and removed and replaced if possible. We clean and assess the flue, and you’re given a full report to offer your homeowners insurer, REALTOR, attorney, or for your personal records. Your homeowner’s insurance may require annual inspections and most models require professional services to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t put your home and your life at risk. Schedule your gas fireplace inspection annually, after a fire, after severe weather or earthquake affect your system. You should also schedule one when it malfunctions, when changes are made to the system, and before selling or buying a property. Schedule with the certified professionals at Trinity Chimney Services today, call us at 443-264-4881 or request an appointment online.