Homeowners looking to add a fireplace or fire appliance to their home have more options than ever. Adding a fireplace no longer means an expensive and time-consuming construction. You can now have a fireplace installed quickly and easily when you choose a factory-built fireplace. There are many great benefits of choosing factory-built, including their long life.

Wood or Gas
Whether you want the classic crackling flame of a wood fire, or the convenience of gas, we have what you’re looking for. We sell and install factory-built fireplaces that burn gas and wood. Our wood burners are beloved by our homeowners who have a readily accessible wood supply or who use their fireplace sparingly and purchase wood. We recommend the wood fireplace to anyone who won’t mind the mess! Wood burns hot, is a renewable fuel source, and in these new units, it burns cleanly and efficiently.
Gas is a popular option due to the sheer convenience and low-maintenance of gas fireplaces. A homeowner might choose a gas fireplace because it can be lit, and pushing warmth into the room immediately. They are also designed with specific details in mind that make them look like a wood fireplace, with ceramic wood and dancing flames. If you’re not looking to connect gas to your home, though, you might stick with a wood-burning fireplace.

Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety
Factory-built fireplaces are exactly as they sound. They are built in a factory where they are tested for safety and function before they even leave. Unlike a masonry fireplace, they don’t require an extensive construction–just professional installation. A factory-built fireplace is designed to work with a factory-built, or “pre-fab” chimney which is sized perfectly for the unit. The efficiency of the unit is such that the fire will burn hot, the fuel will burn completely, and there will be less waste, resulting in:
-Less heat loss
-Less fuel waste
-Less frequent chimney sweeps and services
-Less necessary repairs
-Less fire risk

Long Live the Factory-Built Fireplace
Because of the benefits that make the factory-built fireplace a favorite among homeowners, it is also long-lasting and well-working throughout that life. When you choose a factory-built fireplace and professional installation by a CSIA certified chimney sweep, your system is less likely to be affected by water, animal, or weather damage. The system is not part of the structure of your home, so it has less of an affect on your home, and isn’t affected by the house as much as a large chimney system. These units come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you won’t need to make expensive updates when you choose the unit that best matches your home and personality.

Our factory-built fireplaces are EPA-approved, highly efficient, easy to use and maintain, and long-lasting. We can’t think of a reason not to choose a gas or wood factory-built fireplace.

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