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Why Chimney Cleaning is Not a DIY Project

Call a Professional Chimney Sweep for the Best Chimney Cleaning

When you have a fireplace and chimney in your home or business, you might think that do-it-yourself cleaning is a good idea, but this can lead to dangers. A building’s chimney gets dirty quickly from a layer of greasy creosote that collects wood chips and other debris. The chimney of a fireplace is located right above the mantel, and it extends to the exterior of the building’s rooftop. Fireplace and chimney cleaning at least once a year is recommended by experts to avoid any problems that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning along with internal fires.


A Chimney Sweep Knows How to Work on a Rooftop

Cleaning a chimney is a filthy and dangerous job that requires having the right types of equipment. In addition to removing the debris from the fireplace’s firebox, you must scrub the interior surface of the chimney that is located in each room along with cleaning the interior portion of the chimney that is on the rooftop. Walking on a rooftop is difficult, but professional chimney sweeps often use bucket trucks to reach a roof.

chemney sweep by professionals


A knowledgeable chimney sweep has training in inspecting a chimney and its surrounding materials to find damage and knows the signs of when a chimney sweep is needed.


We Look at the Interiors of Chimneys

The chimney sweep will inspect a building’s roof for holes or crevices where smoke or sparks can enter. If there are shingles or other roofing parts that are damaged, then fixing these problems can help to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire. A chimney sweep also has a special camera and computer so that he can see the interior surfaces of a chimney to determine if it has structural damage that requires a repair. In addition, you might need to add a chimney cap to the chimney to keep animals from building nests inside the chimney.


Our Chimney Sweeps Inspect the Liners

In several geographic regions, you must have a metal liner inside a chimney to help prevent a fire from burning into a building, and the chimney sweep will verify that the liner is in excellent condition. After the chimney inspection on the roof, the expert will also inspect the fireplace’s components and the chimney sections that are inside a building. The chimney sweep will place tarps over the carpets and furniture in a room before using special brushes with long handles along with vacuum cleaners to remove grease, wood particles and soot.


Hire a Trained Chimney Sweep at Trinity Chimney Service in Maryland

The long brushes are also used to scrub the chimney’s interior surfaces from the rooftop. After the chimney cleaning process, the chimney sweep inspects the interior of the fireplace and chimney again to see additional problems that require a repair. While it could take you several days to complete this job, a chimney sweep has the tools and knowledge to clean a chimney and fireplace in only a few hours. When you need to have chimneys and fireplaces cleaned, contact a knowledgeable chimney sweep with the appropriate training and licensing.